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IT Solutions and Services

As an IT solutions provider, DataArt combines engineering excellence with human values that help us build long-term partnerships and deliver high-quality IT solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, across the UAE and around the world.

We provide a full range of IT solutions and sustainable server solutions, including designing, implementing, testing, integrating, modernizing and supporting custom software systems for market development. For us, your success is ours and we will put in our best to deliver digital solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Why DataArt is the Best IT Solutions Company in Dubai?


We create next-generation IT solutions in the UAE and around the world, helping clients achieve new business opportunities through technological innovation and digital transformation. DataArt’s teams transform legacy applications into modern digital systems that open new horizons for our clients.


With our deep understanding of numerous industries and the modern technological advancements, we help businesses with process automation, cloudification, and optimization.


We help businesses obtain a competitive advantage by investing in modern technologies and innovative solutions. We go beyond our clients’ expectations in performance and business agility, thanks to the technological expertise of DataArt’s engineers.

Risk Management

DataArt helps clients manage risks by integrating security tools and implementing best practices throughout the software development lifecycle to build secure, versatile IT solutions and business processes.

Increasing IT Value-for-Money

DataArt helps clients focus on core business initiatives by taking care of your company’s technological solutions. We deliver top-notch enterprise application development services, helping business maximize the IT value-for-money in their operations.

Empowering Businesses with Technology

We help our clients solve complex tech challenges, increase profitability and gain competitive advantage with cutting-edge software. We offer a full range of enterprise level software development services and technology consulting.

Why Choose Us

Client-Centric Approach

Clients choose DataArt as an IT solutions company in the UAE for our technical expertise. They stay because we build trusted partnerships instead of project-based relationships. Stable teams with very low turnover have a deep understanding of the client’s business and bring maximum value.

Clients over Profit

DataArt always puts our clients’ success above profit.


Being platform, technology, and partner agnostic, DataArt is unbiased and objective. We are always focused on IT solutions that deliver maximum value for clients in the UAE.

Domain Expertise

Industry Practices

For almost 25 years, we built our IT solutions in Finance, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, and Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Distribution among other industries. We have internal domain knowledge training programs and a unique approach to deepening expertise in sector-specific tools, APIs, regulations, and third-party systems.

Centers of Excellence

DataArt has multiple centers of excellence — expert communities focused on moving forward our expertise in various technologies and areas, such as software solutions architecture, cyber security, UI/UX, cloud, DevOps, AI and ML, agile software development, big data, and blockchain.

Training Programs

DataArt fosters a culture of continuous education, offering an internal educational platform with thousands of courses. We also sponsor external trainings for our employees.

Engineering Quality

DataArt is an IT solutions company with offices in Dubai that is dedicated to building elegant IT solutions.

DataArt attracts the most talented domain experts and engineers because:

  • Our delivery offices are strategically established in cities to maintain an easy-to-access presence with expert solutions, an advanced educational infrastructure and a large pool of highly educated specialists
  • We have an award-winning HR approach. DataArt’s numerous educational programs and resources, R&D initiatives, and distinctive corporate culture make us highly appealing to candidates. We only choose the top talents and have a 16% interview-to-offer ratio (about 70 applicants to 1 hire).
  • Our company-wide employee retention rate is 92% (as of 2020).

Strong Engineering Culture

Our engineers have exceptional hard skills and technical mastery, as well as out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.


DataArt combines the best qualities of a large multinational company with the agility of a smaller IT solutions vendor based in Dubai.

Meeting Client’s Needs

DataArt’s horizontal  structure helps us avoid bureaucracy and strive for maximum flexibility to meet our clients’ needs.

Flexible Delivery

Our flexible delivery models are suitable for every type of client, and we offer a full range of services — from technology consulting to telecom solutions, product design, delivery, reliable communications solutions and managed support for all technical issues.


Engagements Can Start Immediately

Unlike many IT solutions companies in the UAE, DataArt hires people for a long-term partnership, not for a project. This means we maintain a bench to staff any new project quickly. Between projects, engineers train internally and boost their skills.

Fast Scaling

Our distributed teams work in 20+ R&D centers around the world, which helps us scale project teams extremely quickly, eliminating risks of business disruptions for clients.

People-First Culture

According to Glassdoor, 94% of employees would recommend DataArt as an employer (as of 2021).

We foster a supportive culture based on trust and respect and invest in high-quality relationships.

Our People-First principle means that we invest in long-term relationships with clients and employees instead of short-term gains.



What kind of IT services does DataArt provide in Dubai?

Agile software development, quality and performance engineering, DevOps services, mobile-first systems, legacy system modernization, solution design, cloud services, AI and ML, blockchain, data, BI and analytics services, IoT, and managed support. We are also recognized as a leading server solution provider.

Why choose DataArt for IT services & support in Dubai?

DataArt delivers high-value, high-quality IT solutions in the UAE.

What makes DataArt different from other IT service providers in Dubai?

We are different from our competitors because of our strong client focus, deep domain expertise, engineering quality, flexibility, speed, and people-first culture.

What does an IT services company do?

An IT services company is focused on custom software development for clients from different industries.