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Custom Software Development

Custom software development is our principal business and key expertise. With an aim to become a leading software development company in Dubai, DataArt has built bespoke digital products to meet client needs since the late 1990s, and through this experience has developed significant expertise in everything from coding best practices and building culture to implementing superior team management strategies. In the process of software development, leveraging modern methodologies and approaches is the key to predictability, transparency, and overall project success.

DataArt – The Right Choice for Software Development in Dubai

DataArt help clients implement Agile concepts and methodologies, making it possible to achieve all of the mentioned goals and establish optimized processes.

What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative approach to managing projects and building software solutions that helps production teams deliver value to clients in a fast and painless manner. The key is a focus on delivering solutions in more granular, consumable portions rather than trying to do everything simultaneously in one huge release.

Agile engineering methodologies are being widely adopted as a means of quickly responding to market opportunities, accelerating software development, and reducing final cost.

The Work & Code Culture at DataArt – A Premium Software House In UAE


As an inclusive custom software development company, we welcome client participation in planning and review sessions and offer complete access to tracking and documentation platforms such as Jira and Confluence. This means you always know what’s being done at any moment over the project lifecycle — we are absolutely transparent.

Mandatory Code Review

Our culture places a high value on code review and other procedures to enhance code quality. For you, this means better performance for the resulting solutions and better code readability when transferred to your development or support team. No “spaghetti code” is tolerated.

Knowledge Sharing

We encourage our custom software product development teams to deliver a culture of innovation and effective practice, as well as new ideas, new insights, and diverse talent, to the work process. We willingly share our knowledge and experience with you and your team, carefully transferring complete project information and documentation after a successful delivery.

Staying Ahead of the Game

DataArt engineers and custom software developers are constantly growing and learning. We offer hundreds of internal courses and educational programs to our employees. Many of professionals speak at popular IT and engineering conferences and teach at the university level. We work with only the most talented professionals and we’re very proud of the caliber of our employees.

Thoughtful Quality Assurance

In order to uphold our reputation as a trusted custom software development company, We pay special attention to quality assurance. Our clients and their users lie at the heart of our business and we demand perfection. We would never release a product that would disappoint. For us, quality assurance is more than a simple test execution: we engage in proper planning, control, test analysis, and design to achieve the best result with no compromises in quality.

Excellent Employer Reputation on Labor Markets

DataArt was recognized as the Employer of the Year in various categories in 2018 and 2019. We’ve been one of the top three employers in Ukraine since 2012. We were also awarded Best Employer recognition among software development companies in Ukraine in 2011, 2012, and 2016.

DataArt and Agile Methodologies

In addition to using Agile in our own development work, DataArt boasts certified Agilists who excel at coaching our clients on Agile process solutions at the program and delivery team levels.

We help clients implement the Agile mindset as well as particular Agile methodologies and frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, CI/CD, and the Spotify Squad Model. We also help clients structure their Agile development processes to ensure efficiency and scalability while arming them with customized metrics for tracking the efficiency of their Agile development.

Our Agile Software Development Services

DataArt’s Agile approach allows us to develop high-quality software that meets stakeholders’ changing needs both cost-effectively and more quickly than ever before. We also help clients build Agile capabilities and implement Agile concepts and methodologies.

Tailoring Agile To Business and Technical Needs

DataArt assesses what will be required to meet a client’s business needs, such as scaling Agile to match the client’s growth or meeting the demands of a changing market. We also evaluate the technical needs that must be met, such as bringing a legacy system up to specification. These measurements are invaluable in shaping how we help our clients develop their Agile software solutions.

Setting Up the Agile Development Environment

Once we understand a client’s objectives and what will be necessary to achieve them, we design the development environment (team composition, methodologies, and frameworks) to ensure success. This is where clients benefit most from our deep experience with Agile software development consulting. If appropriate to client objectives, DataArt can consult with program and delivery teams in regard to which Agile methodologies and frameworks are most suitable.

Tracking and Ensuring Agile Development Success

Along with helping to implement Agile, DataArt defines metrics and indicators for measuring the success of the Agile development process. With these measures in place, quantitative analysis guides the way to successful Agile development.

Business Value

DataArt’s Agile software development services offer numerous business benefits, including:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced development costs
  • High quality, user-focused software
  • Customer ownership of the product
  • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Reduced risk throughout the development process
  • Quicker validation of business and technical assumptions
  • Adaptability to changing market conditions