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Cloud & On-Premise Solutions

Modern trends say that Cloud, SaaS, and PaaS are the wave of the future. However, when it comes to confidential data storage, Smart Government systems, or other specific solutions with strict security and compliance regulations, independent on-premise architecture that is deployed on private servers could become a requirement.

DataArt – Providing Reliable & Advanced On-Premise & Cloud Solutions In UAE

DataArt offers significant experience with both technology approaches, and is ready to help you implement any approach on demand. Whether you need on-premise solutions or require best-in-class Cloud services in Dubai, UAE, we are readily available to assist you!

Cloud vs On-Premise Architecture Approach

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Over a Period of 3 Years or More
Offers the Greatest Amount of Flexibility and Ease of Integration with Personalization and Customization Possible
Investment Can Be Capitalized and Depreciated
Data Secured within Client’s Environment (i. e. behind the Client Firewall)
Offers the Highest Level of Convenience – No Upgrades or Hardware; Access from Anywhere
No Software, Hardware, or Upgrades
High Speed of Deployment
Cloud Provider is Responsible for Hardware and Software Maintenance, Security and SAS70 Certification
Requires Larger Upfront Expenses
May Require an Investment in Hardware & Software (OS and Database Licensing)
Potentially Longer Implementation Cycle
Ongoing IT Support Required (Periodic Application and Server Maintenance)
Highest Total Cost of Ownership Over a Period of 3 Years or More
May Require a Pre-Payment. Potentional Integration Challenges. Less Flexible for Customization (If Any Allowed)
Limited Ability to Capitalize or Investigate
Potential for Disruption of Services if Internet Outages Occur or Vendor is Acquired or Goes Out of Business

Why Are Cloud Services In UAE So In-Demand?

Modern trends suggest that all three models of cloud service, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are the future of the IT industry. However, there are many shades of gray and angles to look at the situation from.

On the one hand, a cloud-based approach gives you an easy start and lower initial investment. There’s no need to consider hardware upgrades or infrastructure maintenance.

However, an on-premise solution allows you to secure all the data within your environment, which is typically more suitable for governmental organizations. It also gives you lower costs of ownership over periods of three or more years, no dependence on cloud providers, and potentially greater ability to customize the solution you’re building.

DataArt is always ready to advise you on the best approach for building your product. Of course, we’re extremely proficient in both cloud and on-premises solution and Cloud services in Dubai.

DataArt’s Cloud Services in Dubai, UAE

As a critical enabler of business agility, cost efficiency, and rapid innovation, the cloud has transformed the way companies deploy technology to deliver value to their customers. Whether your cloud transformation is well underway or you have yet to get started, DataArt is a trusted technology partner to guide and support you in your cloud journey.

DataArt has hundreds of certified cloud experts and maintains active partnerships with all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Using our vendor-agnostic approach and deep technical expertise in delivering best-in-class Cloud solutions in UAE, , we will help you design and implement a cloud strategy to achieve critical outcomes for your business.

DataArt’s Key Cloud Partners


Assessment and Planning

Your transition to the cloud operating model starts with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and processes. We will work with you to carefully analyze your IT estate and business objectives, and plan a cloud journey that is aligned with your most urgent business priorities and organizational capabilities.


Some of your applications may be simply re-hosted on the cloud infrastructure, without any changes to the application code. This strategy may benefit organizations that need to migrate legacy workloads out of their data centers to meet a specific deadline, or just want to get to the cloud quickly in the least complex manner.

While the lift-and-shift approach does not unlock the deeper capabilities, cost efficiency, and value of the cloud, it can be a first step in the cloud transformation journey, to be followed by gradual optimization of applications and deeper utilization of cloud-native services.

Application Modernization (Re-engineering)

Reengineering involves deeper changes to the application architecture and code, e.g. transforming a monolithic application into a microservices (or serverless) architecture to enable further evolution over time and/or ease integration with other systems. This approach enables deeper integration with cloud-native capabilities and services and helps maximize flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Cloud-native Development

Systems that take full advantage of cloud capabilities achieve optimal scalability, cost efficiency, and agility (the ability to change quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities). Cloud-native solutions are usually built as microservices, either packaged in containers or using serverless architectures, and managed through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

DataArt designs and delivers cloud-native solutions that achieve critical business outcomes for our clients. In the process, we also help upskill their in-house teams by introducing cloud-specific competencies, modern DevOps automation and tooling, and technical best practices.

Technology Agnostic Approach

DataArt technology consulting provides clients with the latest technology innovations to unleash their business potential and help them develop a comprehensive company-wide IT strategy.

With our holistic view of technology, business, and processes, we help global organizations across multiple industries move faster and work better.